Welcome to Peaceful Restaurant!
Dear customer,

We resume our normal business operations at all locations after COVID19 pandemic, thank you for your patience!

Peaceful serves premium and authentic Northern Chinese dishes in Vancouver by following the essence of Szechuan cuisine. Peaceful Restaurant offers varieties of Chinese foods, from chicken, beef, lamb, Dimsum, to hand-pulled and blade-shaved noodles. It’s never too early or too late to try our good, hearty dishes. You will enjoy the best Dimsum in town, for example, beef rolls are mouth-watering, light and crispy and served with sweet & sour sauce for dipping - a must try! Or if you’re a Vegetarian be sure to try our Vegtables and Tofu, and our vegetable & Tofu fried noodles are light and crispy noodles filled with a blend of seasonal vegetables.

Our Mission

Peaceful Restaurant offers diners with impressive choices of classic Northern Chinese dishes and hand-crafted dim sum and noodles that stand the test of time. We committ to giving our customers with high quality services, fresh ingredients, tasty foods, and having new and exciting dishes and specials

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao | 小籠包 Best Hand Dragged Noodles | 手工拉面 Pan Fried Dumplings | 和平饭店煎饺 Vegetable Buns | 素菜包 Sichuan Broth Braised Fish | 水煮魚片 Peaceful Beef Rools | 牛肉卷餅 Sichuan thousand chilli chicken | 四川辣子雞 Sichuan Mah Po Tofu | 麻婆豆腐