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The Peaceful Restaurant is Canada’s leader in the premium northern Chinese cuisine. We have been delivering exceptional dining experiences within a fun and comfortable environment since 2006 and currently operate 3 locations in Vancovuer, BC. Our menus are based on popular northern Chinese dishes, such as Kung Pao Chicken, Xi'an White Lamb Stew, Mandarin Wonton Soup, Sichuan Broth Braised Fish, and Sichuan Thousand Chilli Chicken. For Dimsum lovers, we offer varieties of Chinese Dimsum made in house, such as beef rolls, dumplings, Xiao-Long Bao Steamed Buns, pan-fried pork buns, and potato rolls. We are noodle expert, and we serve most crafted Chinese noodles freshly handmade in house, including Hand Pulled Chinese Noodles, knife-sliced noodles (Peel Noodles, blade-shaved noodles, or Knife-Cut Noodles), for example, Dan-Dan Noodles, Shan-xi Sauce Noodles, Xi'an Cold Steamed Noodles, Lan-zhou Beef Soup Noodles, and Sizzled Hot-Chilli Noodles. We take care of our guests with outstanding services so that they feel they are dining in their home. For your convenience, we also offer takeout and delivery services, and for any order over $40.00, we offer free delivery! Please call us at 604-559-9511.
Free delivery
Call 604-559-9511 for delivery